Saturday, February 23, 2013

Flower and Garden Show

This week is the Northwest Flower and Garden show at the Convention Center.  I don't usually go to this show but I love gardening and all things plants, so I was excited to see it this year.

My friend, Dianne Kimball, makes pottery and garden art.  She is doing the show this year for the first time, and I went down for a couple of days to help her out and give her a break since the hours are so long for one person to work a booth themselves.  With a free pass, I had the chance to mosey around and see the sights too.  What a treat!

I always think the display gardens are way too dark.  There's so little light in that area that you can hardly read the little plant signs, or see what's planted towards the back.  And it's impossible to take a good picture.  Maybe that's why they do it?  So people don't take photos and copy all their designs?  I don't know.  It's "mood" lighting and very dramatic, but not so great for actually seeing up close what is in there.

One of them had a very cool hobbit house, but Megan Black was filming a promo in the middle of it when I was there, and I couldn't get close enough to get a pic or see the whole thing.  Never could get over there when there wasn't a herd of people planted in front of it.

But here's a few pics of other cool gardens, mostly the displays in the very well lighted glass walkway between buildings:

I'm so excited to plant stuff in my own garden now.  I already had big plans to move stuff around and do new things.  I haven't really done a lot with it lately except maintenance, but this year is going to be different.  Big ideas.  If only it would get warmer and spring would arrive.  The cold, grey drizzle here is getting so very old.

I had to move a few things around last week.  Crappy story - the water line from the city sidewalk to our house cracked and had been leaking (rather pouring) down the sidewalk for the last few weeks.  We had problems with that water before and both times it wasn't our water, but the neighbors.  So we assumed it wasn't us again this time.  But alas, it was.  We had to put in a whole new water line.  Which required removing part of our rockery wall, and huge holes dug in all over the front yard.  Plus it cost a ridiculous amount of money too.  Ugh.  More than ugh.

When they finished and piled all the dirt back, I found a lot of broken stuff, and had to move a couple of big heathers - just trying to get things back together for now.  But I've got pictures in my head about what I'd like to do this spring.  I'm dying to have one of those gorgeous little rustic salvaged sheds built out back.  Probably don't have enough space.  For sure there will be more beds to grow food.  My lettuces were too small in pots.  I need a few more herbs.   All kinds of moving around to freshen it up and get the tired perennials better spots and better shape.  Plus color.  Lots more color.  Year round color.  Can't wait.