Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bluebird of Happiness

Today was show application day. I did a few last month when the early deadlines came up. But today was a big huge pile of all the other ones, basically my entire spring and summer season. Now I can chirp happily for the rest of the week, like the little birds which are twittering and dive-bombing the bushes outside for the last of the winter berries.

The birds seem so happy out there lately. Maybe it's the intoxicating berries. I heard somewhere that late in the season the berries have begun to ferment, and when the birds ingest them, it's like getting drunk on wine. They get a little loopy and wild - which explains why they seem to hit the glass windows every now and then.

I'm feeling a little like that myself, not that I'm going to slam into a window, but just a bit giddy for finally getting that long and tedious chore off my to-do list. Every single one needs a different type of application form, some online, some paper. Some need a check for jury fees, others need copies of licenses or whatnot. All of them need photos, but each one in a different size or format or named in some special way. It's tiresome, long and a headache at best. It's a necessary part of the process, and I do rather like to be in the shows.  But I've just been procrastinating on the application process. Or was. Until today. It's done. DONE!

And in a few short weeks or possibly a month, I'll know how it turns out and have my schedule all lined up. There is only Best of the Northwest next month, Tulip Festival in April and U District in May which I have totally confirmed at this point.

Do you put off the stuff you don't want to do too? Or are you one of those that does the crappy stuff first and gets it out of the way in order to spend more time on the fun stuff. Sigh. I wish I was the latter. Instead, I spend more time fretting and fussing over the yucky stuff, pushing it around my desk and moving it back day after day on the calendar until I can't stand it any more. Probably not the best method.

Maybe while I'm on a roll I should tackle the next big thing I'm resisting and get it taken care of.  Hmmm.  That would be an overload of productivity.  Maybe too much.  Nah, I'll do that tomorrow :)