Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Winter Holiday Newsletter 2011

As I always do here, I'm posting the Winter Holiday 2011 newsletter that just went out in both snail mail and email formats today. Plus one link that takes you directly to the Seasonal Products page on the website where everything discussed below is for sale with photos, longer descriptions and ingredient info. Whoop-de-doo - the season is upon us!

All the Seasonal goodies here!


Dear Friends,

Spring is spontaneous, Summer is carefree, but Winter is the season of traditions, bringing us back to family, friends, and rituals as comfortable as a favorite sweater.

We excitedly look forward to this time of year, filled with happy celebrations, holidays and comforts that we’ve waited months for. Cooking up heirloom recipes, unpacking beloved decorations, treating ourselves to special goodies – we wrap ourselves up warmly in winter traditions, usually by a crackling fire.

In keeping with our own traditions here at Soapworks Studio, we’re bringing back some of the most favorite Winter Holiday treats over the years. Inspired by this magical season comprised of single moments as fleeting as snowflakes, we’ve also created a few fresh winter wonderful gifts and goodies to share right now.

As the holidays get closer, the gift lists grow longer. Since we’re all still tightening our belts and pinching pennies in this economy, instead of exchanging piles of “stuff,” we all seem to be looking for gifts of simplicity and meaning in a cost effective way. Handmade items that are both useful and use-able make perfect sense. Soapworks Studio’s little gifts of soap and bath goodies are the perfect fit. All locally handmade and reasonably priced, there is something for everyone on your holiday gift list.

Holiday Seasonal Soaps

This Winter Holiday season we are featuring some of your most requested soap fragrances, back by popular demand. Some folks have been waiting all year (or longer!) for these to reappear on the list. How nice it is to have a little stash of treats on the shelf waiting for you, or to share something you love with a friend. ($4.25 each or 4 bars for $16.00)

Ponderosa Pine – The perfect winter day is spent outside in a lush Northwest forest – skiing, hiking, or searching for that magical Christmas tree. The fresh pine and fir needles, balsam spruce, juniper berries, woodsmoke and newly fallen snow transport you right into the woods. A lovely green bar, this will be a hit with your nature-loving friends or the discerning men on your list.

Sleigh Ride - One whiff of this scent and nostalgic scenes of horse-drawn sleighs with children bundled in blankets, jingling through snow covered fields and forests dance through your imagination. An enchanting blend of green apple, peppermint, clove and orange is crisp, tingly, fresh and yet reminiscent of holiday spices and treats.

Cinnamon Cedar - Warm, earthy cedarwood is the perfect base for a cinnamon soap. The finished scent is cinnamon stick all the way. Simple and true, it’s all cinnamon spice, the quintessential scent of the holiday season. Men will love it. Women will adore it. Kids won’t be able to put it down either – don’t let the dog get it! (100% natural soap)

Helping Hand Soaps – The Perfect Gift

Just introduced last fall, these charming packages of mini soaps have been a huge hit! The set features small 2 oz bars in the most popular year-round fragrances: Lavender Lemongrass, Clove Mint, Vanilla Bean & Honey, French Lavender and Moroccan Fig. One of each of the 5 fabulous scents are piled up in a little stack, and tied with bakery twine. Such pretty colors. Such a great idea for guest baths, travel soaps, or small gifts. Such a reasonable price too - it’s only $10 for the whole package. You’ll want loads of these for the upcoming holiday season. And with a portion of the proceeds for these Helping Hands soaps dedicated to the charitable organization Kiva, it’s a gift that multiplies around the world too.

Holiday Home Fragrance Sprays

Our own little holiday tradition around here, and I know many of you can’t wait for it either, the Holiday Spice aromatic spray. It’s just not the holidays without it. We spritz around the house just before guests arrive, and they all coo about how great the place smells. And we spritz gift boxes, cards and stockings too before sending them off -- family and friends get a whoosh of holiday goodness when they open their presents! Holiday Spice is our most requested seasonal spray, every year since the very beginning - oranges, cranberries, spices and greens all blended together for the perfect scent of magic and delight. This year we’re adding Sleigh Ride – over the river and through the woods, a companion to our newest seasonal soap. It’s also woozy with holiday fun, destined to be a new tradition.
(4 oz bottle - $ 6.00)

Snow Day Bath Crystals

Beautiful bath salt crystals in a small French square glass jar look like real ice crystals. Scented with a delightful blend of sweet vanilla sugar, a pinch of warm spice, and hit with a snowball of frosty mint. It’s icy cool and cozy warm at the same time, in a best of both worlds kind of way. Like after a day of frosty snowy sledding, you arrive home and pop open the door to the smell of freshly baked cookies -- that kind of good. Smaller than our regular salt jars, these are the perfect size for stockings, little treats, or adding to goodie baskets. (4 oz bottle $ 5.00)

Charming Tote Bag Gift Sets

We’ve got new tote bag designs to make gift sets with. The fabric is white jute in a tote bag style, which is charming in that simple yet rustic and natural way we can’t get enough of. The smaller one (5”x5”) fits a bar of soap with a cotton washcloth or scrubby mitt, or a soap dish, or both ($12 - $16). All 3 items look adorable in that little square bag.! The larger rectangular tote (7”x6”) can hold a wider variety of items, including adding bath salts or sprays ($10 and up, priced individually). The web site has photos to jumpstart your imagination. You can make it easy and let us do the choosing, or you can custom build to your heart’s content.

Internet & Mail Ordering (Free Shipping on orders $100 or more!)

Holiday shopping online or by mail saves you time, expense, and the headache of traffic jams and crowded malls. And now we’re offering free shipping on all orders $100 or more. We usually ship within two business days, and can send your items directly to family and friends with gift enclosure cards too. Send in the enclosed order form, call during business hours, or for late night brainstorms, order from our website at SoapworksStudio.com. Spend more time celebrating and less time fretting. Let Soapworks Studio be your answer for holiday gifts!

“We have only this moment . . . “ as Francis Bacon reminds us. And in the silent, hopeful, chill of winter, we pause to give thanks for the many stars we’ve been given. Touched by their beauty, warmed by their glow, awestruck by their vastness, we appreciate our small moments here. With sparkly wishes for the new year,