Friday, November 11, 2011


Today is some sort of freak binary date. The last time it happened, November 11, 1911, temperatures in the U.S. fell a jaw-dropping 60 degrees over the course of a single day, causing blizzards and tornadoes. But this time around? Everyone is getting married today.

And celebrating our Veterans too.

I don't have anything auspicious planned. Just working on soap business. And waiting for this big storm to hit us later today, with a big cold front, giant winds and rain expected. Hopefully the weather won't be as bad as last time.

Also I'm updating my web site a little bit. It truly needs so much updating - it's old, tired and un-interesting. Much like myself lately. But come January, or sooner if I get some time to sit in front of my blinking screen, I am going to make it look more like this decade. With better links, more photos, colorful whatnots. No IPhone apps or flash plug-ins, just a fresher look. Gotta keep it fresh or it's over y'all. Damn those technologies and social media - it's always racing so far ahead.