Friday, March 05, 2010

March. Forward.

I can't believe that the third month of the year is already under way. Great scott, those last two months went by fast. And here we are, in March. Marching onward. I hear drumming, and feel like high-stepping around at a brisk pace.

Oh I've got nothing else today. I've just started wading through all my tax documents to get started on that hideous project. It's spread out all over the place.

Other items on my list? internet searching for wholesale garden gloves. Cleaning out my old cd pile to sell. Books up next. Maybe closets after that. Spring cleaning, I guess. Or maybe watching that episode of "The Hoarders" inspired me to purge. Urgh that show is creepy.

I spent the last few days filling out show applications and writing booth fee checks. I've got a lot on the schedule, if I get accepted to them. That part I won't know for weeks. So nothing is really updated on the website for a bit until I get notifications.

I'll need more daffodils for next spring. I used to have a lot more, I think. It seems like less than usual came up this year, and I'm green with envy at the houses that have borders just stuffed full of the sunshiney flower faces.

Happy Friday. I'm going to get out in the dirt while the sun is shining this afternoon.