Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Friday

Apologies for the brief absence, I've been painting. I usually try to get a short vacation in around this time of the year. But we're redecorating a room instead.

So the last week has been cleaning, prepping, painting and more painting. The built-in cabinets with all those shelves are really tough. The "red room" is now olive green and cream. So long "lipstick lounge." It's so much brighter and cleaner. Carpet goes in Monday. There's still a bit more painting - another coat on the walls and window trim touch-up. Whew.

Next week it's back to soap full time, instead of squeezed in around the edges. I've got bunches of shows in March, so I need to get busy.

And can I just mention how darn glad I am that I live in Seattle instead of the East Coast. What's more fun -- early spring or Snow-i-cane? The third crippling snow storm in a month, or my rhubarb and peonies starting to leaf out? Plum and cherry trees in bloom. Daffodils and crocus sprinkled throughout the yard. Tra la la, it's SPRING!