Monday, February 15, 2010

Cheery Cherrys & Presidents

Who could possibly chop down a beautiful cherry tree? I don't believe that story about George Washington. Especially after visiting Mount Vernon last fall. It's beautiful, and it's obvious that he had a strong connection to growing things, with all his farm land, orchards, kitchen gardens, experimental gardens, even a greenhouse!

Monticello, Jefferson's home, was even more beautiful. For me anyway. I loved those gardens even more, and the stately view of the valley from his huge hilltop was breathtaking. Getting a chance to spend a few days taking in the history of our presidents gave me a new perspective into our Founding Fathers, and a greater appreciation for the vision of a few great men who built our country. Ethics, values, courage and determination are words that get tossed around in current political debates without much meaning, because they've become code words for other things. Power and money have infiltrated everything. But we have had great leaders in our country, and it's a good day to appreciate them. All of them, not just the two.

Quite the festive weekend we're having, eh? With the Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day under our belt, today we are honoring presidents, and then tomorrow is Mardi Gras. Let the good times roll!