Monday, March 29, 2010


I wanted to post a picture here today, but it ain't working. Just another thing. I've tried in several browsers and it looks like it's going through the whole process of uploading, click "done", etc. . . . and nothing. I can't seem to authorize my computer to play any of my songs from ITunes today either. Something funky in the air. Electrical or magnetic or whatnot. Which shows up as a computer malfunction first. So frustrating.

It's Monday and I'm pooped. I just typed "popped". That's probably true too.

Two shows last week, with only a day between them and last weekend's show. And I've got only today before I set up my shop-style show at Group Health tomorrow. It's a bit of a run. And it's all just "ok". Not great. I haven't lost money on these shows yet, but I haven't made much either. It's a tad slow this month, yet such a grind.

I want to wear my softest clothes today. And sit in silence. Eat only warm, creamy foods. Sigh a lot.

Which I'm sort of doing. At the same time I'm packing up a pile of orders from Friday through the weekend. A wholesale order, which needs extra sprays and bath salts made too. And catching up on email and calls - there were a bunch.

Easter is next weekend, and I'm doing brunch here. Which I am looking forward to. But I've got to get it set and planned out and start working on it, because I'm at the shop all week. So that's a priority today too. Menus. What to cook.

I can't type real sentences today. It hurts to think in more than little chunkies. I wish that stupid picture would load. It's little birdies and so cute.

The weather is teh suck today too. Windy, dark, rainy, stormy. I'm not unloading my car. I'll just take the whole mess over to the shop and deal with it there. Figure out what more I need to bring, from the leftovers of yesterday.

Gotta get to the bank too. I need change. Maybe an item or two on my list can wait til tomorrow. I'll just start the first one first, and then see how long I hold up.

That's what a busy show schedule feels like. It ain't pretty. I know some people do back-to-back shows all the time. Even go out of town from one to another, without the days in between to sleep at home, restock, recover and recharge. I don't know how they do it. Lots of them are much older than me too. Although I can't imagine anybody can actually feel older than I do right now. My eye bags are carrying extra bags. I should charge them, like the airlines.