Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The poppies popped!

Oh my, we've had such gorgeous weather, especially for a holiday weekend. I know that was days ago, but I'm catching up. I had to work a small show Friday, but had the long weekend off, and I didn't work a lick. Just enjoyed the lovely weather, hanging out with friends, and grilling with the family. I can't remember when we've ever had a Memorial Day holiday with all three days of sunshine and warm weather. What luck!

Tuesday was a blur of orders, calls, emails and work. The big summer show season is just beginning, and I've got two weeks before it truly becomes a non-stop slog, with back-to-back shows every weekend for months. I'm trying to gear up, get inventory built up, and be ready for it. But there's so much gardening and lazing about to do.

I've planted a mix of radishes in an old drawer, and they need to be thinned. Those little sprouts make the nicest salad, especially with the mint tops that keep shooting up several inches a day.

And I've got a mix of baby lettuces just starting to pop out - planted in a couple of wire locker baskets. Looks like they need to be thinned and rearranged too. And all those squashes, pumpkins and tomatoes need to be watered while the weather is hot and sunny. There's no time for work!

By the way, yes the raccoon has been back to visit. He likes to toss my buckets and pots over and roll them around the yard in the wee hours of the morning. And in all my slug hunting (which has made great progress) I've come to the conclusion that it was the snails that ate most of my petunias. Wow, great big snails. I hadn't seen them before. Double ewww.