Sunday, March 15, 2009

March Specials

Have you signed up to be on my email list yet? I've been sending out one little special deal or promotion each month to the email list. And if you want to get the news first, you've got to be on the list. Here's the place to add yourself: Mailing List.

But for the rest of you guys, who maybe only check in here every now and then, I'm announcing my March special:

I'm so tired of hearing the words "bail out" and "stimulus" in every promotion and marketing ploy for the last few months. Everybody's got a cute way of trying to jump start their own "economy." Well, I promise not to pile on.

But things being what they are, we're all watching our budgets a little closer and looking for value when we shop. And while we wait through March, drumming our fingers, tapping our feet, impatiently waiting for spring to happen, who wouldn't like a little pick-me-up or small treat with a discounted price? I know I could sure use a little happy-making something to brighten my day. Better yet, something that I don't have to exercise off my hips later.

So for the remainder of the month, everything on my website is 15% off. Everything. No minimum order. No fine print.

Get yourself a little luscious smelling bar of soap, or a bottle of scrumptious bath salts to indulge in. Maybe an aromatic spray to spritz up your room with a whiff of something wonderful, or a tin of skin pampering goodness. Little treats are the best.

And just one more note, because I've gotten a couple of email questions about it. I've tried my best to explain this on each website purchase page (i.e., "Purchase Soap", "Purchase Bath Goods") in the text part above all the thumbnail pictures of the products, but it's not always clear to everyone. My website is not one of those high-tech shopping sites that processes the transactions as you type it in. It's a little more old school and only sends the order information to me and I process the order here at the office, doing all the discounts, shipping charges and tax calculations here at my end. My little site is unable to figure out all that math on its own. I have a flat-rate shipping chart, not actual-weight fees. And taxes here in Washington are caculated to each individual destination, not one rate for the whole state. It's just too much for my wee shopping cart to handle.

So what you see online when you order is the regular price for the items you've requested - NOT the actual invoice amount. The confirmation page tries to say this too, if you get that far. But if you stop part way, and don't see the explanation paragraph, it may be confusing. Never fear - you will get the discounts, but you will also get charged shipping and tax too. It is all spelled out on the final invoice which arrives in your box with the goods you ordered. And if you need to know in advance or are confused, please call. I'm happy to talk it out with anyone.

Lastly, I occasionally make a mistake too - but I'm super easy about making any corrections if you've caught something on the final bill, or it doesn't make sense. Do not hesitate for one second about calling me and letting me know about something. Stuff happens sometimes, no matter how hard you try to get it right, eh?