Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Spring

It's official. Today is the first day of Spring.

And it actually feels like it's changed somewhat. Little flowers are opening up on my daffodils and primroses. I can see the little red buds on almost everything else. Stuff is going to pop. We just need a couple of sunny days.

It's Friday and life is good. My construction work project in the basement, that has had me relocate to the dining room for what feels like a year is finally getting close to being done. This is a surprise to nobody, but unexpected things came up and guess what? it took twice as much time and money as we expected. Doesn't this happen to everyone? We are no exception. All of it is good stuff though, and well worth while.

My new favorite place to shop is Second Use. If you've never heard of it, just check out the groovy new web site. They re-sell salvaged building materials and just plain cool stuff. I've been going there almost daily to get pieces for my new studio space: a gorgeous cast iron sink, a huge old school desk/work surface for a counter top with cabinets that the sink will go in, a laboratory style faucet set up. Plus super cool other stuff - like old plumbing knobs, handles. I'm keeping my eye out for a great piece of wrought iron for a trellis in the garden. I also got a great piece of marble for my work bench, which will be the easiest clean surface for all my oil measuring and slopping of ingredients. Oh yeah, one day I got a file cabinet for nine dollars. You can't even buy a cardboard file box for that cheap.

There's so many other things on my list that I want to go back over there and hunt for. It's a treasure trove of great junk, and great prices. Need a claw foot tub? A set of bright orange school lockers? A metal cart from a hospital? Head over. Reuse, recycle.

The other great . . . really, really great news I got today is that we're headed over this afternoon to finally sign the papers on the refi of the house. It's been a painfully long wait - just because they are deluged with refi's now that the rates have dropped so low. Whew. Paperwork. Closing. Relief. Happy Hour as soon as we get out of there.

* * * * * * *

The White House is planting an organic kitchen garden on the grounds. Isn't that the coolest? Happy Spring dance. The long winter and the long wait is finally over. Zippity Do Dah.