Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It keeps snowing on my tulips

This isn't supposed to be snow country. And it's not supposed to be this cold after the spring bulbs sproing. Brrrr.

My daffodils, teensy iris tops and the first tulip leaves are shivering. It snowed all weekend long, and again yesterday afternoon. The only thing in my yard that's got color this time of year are the hellebores. And they've keeled over in the biting cold at night.

It's perfect weather for huddling indoors and working on my taxes. Right. Hope your weekend was a little more fun than mine. I thought I had the forms all worked out and completed Sunday afternoon. But today when I was double checking my math (if you know me, you know this is critical) I found a biggie mistake. A whole line of expense items I forgot to put in, which changes virtually every other figure across all the forms.

I'm so glad I caught it now. It makes a huge difference for me, and I will actually get a refund instead of the check I was just about to write. How often does that happen? Nice surprise. Now I'm actually in a hurry get this to the post box!