Saturday, July 19, 2008


What a beautiful evening in Kirkland last night. The perfect summer night, with everyone spilling out on the patios and decks of the restaurants, meandering around the park and shops. This view is mainly the big wine tasting area, which was full of live jazz and sippers last night. The art fair portion is spread out all over, a little bit is next to it on the beach, and winds up the street in front of the Market Street Grill - that's where I am. I'm in the middle of the block directly across from the Market Street Grill on Kirkland Ave. And there is another little section of artists set up on Park Lane too - across Central Way from the rest of the festival.

There's a mini boat show on the docks of the marina. It seemed a little small, and the only boats showcased are pretty small little power boats too - no big yachts. Everything is on super clearance sale. I guess the boat business is hurting. Not many want to buck up for gas to motor around any more. The folks who already have boats? They were just sitting on the boat at the dock, having drinks and feeling the breeze but going nowhere. The lake has been looking pretty empty lately. But last night was so pretty, it was hard to resist. Everyone heading out was in sailboats though, see?

Show officially starts at 11am today and tomorrow. I'm sure it will be hopping early though. I need to water the yard and catch up on a couple of things this morning quick before I head over. Just wanted to pop in and let you know that there is no prettier place to spend time than Kirkland's waterfront on a sunny day.