Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Bastille Day

Happy Bastille Day!

It's that middle of the summer time when I'm having my morning coffee with the live Tour de France coverage on tv, just so I can peep at the castles, churches and French countryside. And I spent the weekend in West Seattle, having breakfast at Bakery Nouveau before I opened up my little tent, sampling the baguette sandwiches, almond croissants, and a fresh salt caramel macaroon. So delicious.

This evening I'm going to meet friends at the Bastille Day festivities over at Cafe Campagne - snackies and wine and live entertainment this afternoon to celebrate all things French. Oh how I wish I had the whole day off to relax, sip and recharge after what seemed like the longest weekend ever.

But I've got a huge list of things to catch up on, soap to make and inventory to get started on for the next weekend of shows. I'll be at Kirkland Uncorked this week. I had it in my head for weeks now that it was just a 2 day show - an teeny little respite between three other back-to-back 3-day weekend shows this month. But I'm a fool. It actually starts Friday - but it's afternoon hours only, so we set up mid-morning instead of Thursday night. Is that a break? Well today it isn't. It's a harsh reality that again I have only about 2 days to get ready for this next bonanza and there is never enough time to do everything there is to be done.

I'm going to self-edit here and stop the whining. It's another gorgeous summer day, and I have plans to have to fun later, and I just need to get cracking.