Wednesday, November 22, 2006

You would not believe the piles

It's unbelievable how high the piles have become around here. And how narrow the little maze-like passage through them. It's getting harder and harder to navigate without stubbing a toe or dislodging a stack into an avalanche with a sashay of a hip while doing the little tippy-toe dance up and over the tallest, pokiest items.

I've got Thanksgiving at my house tomorrow. So exciting. I get to take a whole day off from even thinking about work, and do what I love best -- puttering around the kitchen and cooking a feast. Plus brunching with the parades in my jammies, cocktailing while wrestling with the (25 pound!) bird which is headed into a brine bathtub tonight. I've never brined the bird before. I'll let you know if all the extra work tastes any different than the usual Butterball. Two stuffings, yams, several kinds of veggies and salads, fresh cranberry sauce, buttermilk mashed potatoes, three different pies and a gooey butter pumpkin cake all piled with bourbon whipped cream. Yippee!

But today is still a work day, sigh. And I'm headed out with orders. Finishing off a few more things on the list. Making more sachets tonight and cleaning the house too. Duty calls.