Friday, November 17, 2006

Has anyone called Noah?

To see how he's doing with that ark?

It's official, we've had the wettest November on record here in Seattle -- 11-1/2 inches already. And it's only the middle of the month. It's the 6th wettest month ever recorded, but If we stay on track here, we could certainly beat that. For those lovely readers not living in this swamp, yesterday and today have both been dry with little guest appearances by some bright yellow ball in the sky. It's been so long, but I think we used to call it the sun.

Opening night at Lord Hill was pretty white-knuckled I hear. So much wind and branches banging around that they were scrounging flashlights out of everyone's car in case the power suddenly died and they had to escort out the troops. But luckily it didn't happen. Almost everyone I talked with in Bellingham yesterday morning had lost their power and were still in the dark. We were all setting up the Allied Arts show (which looks great!) and they were wondering what to do next. I would have headed straight to a long breakfast. But instead I needed to race back here to finish up orders and get to Snohomish by mid afternoon. As harrowing as the day was on high speed, it all got finished, everything accomplished, and best of all -- it's over.

This is head down, eyes closed, dive in first and just get through it season. Barrel through to the other side and don't look back. A couple more weeks to go, but it's gearing up to a big finish.

I really love those cinnamon chip scones at Starbucks. Unfortunately, I'm boycotting Howard Schulz. I know he doesn't know it and it really doesn't matter one whit if I skip a couple of scones in his ginourmous global business of domination and greed. But it matters to me. So I was thrilled to see them at QFC. Schwarz Brothers Bakery makes all the Starbucks baked goods, and they've begun supplying the grocery stores with them now too. The iced pumpkin ones are quite nice also. Especially with a little splash of eggnog in your coffee to start the day. It's the little things.