Saturday, November 25, 2006

Giving Thanks

It was a lovely meal. The turkey was so moist and juicy, the two stuffings both turned out great, yum the giant vat of gravy, and all the side dishes, desserts, wine etc. that everyone else brought were incredibly delicious too. And the clean up wasn't so bad either, with everyone pitching in to help with dishes and take little containers of leftovers. We've still got more than we can eat for the next few days, but that's the best part.

Black Friday. Bah. I've never been a big shopper and my gift list is fairly small. So waking up before the crack of dawn (or camping out overnight in a parking lot!) is so unappealing. I usually handcraft most of my holiday gifts or pick up items at all the sales I'm at. And while I'm nowhere near done, you could not drag me to the mall or department store on the day after Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately I spent the day working. And today I'm off to brave the threat of snow -- driving up to Bellingham this morning to restock and fluff up my display at the Allied Arts show. I'm trying to make this trip really quick before the roads get too busy. And be able to overhaul the whole table before the shop opens this morning. Then it's back to work again.

The weekend is almost over, which means the week I've been equally dreading and anticipating with huge excitement is almost here. The setting up begins tomorrow -- so ready or not, we're about to jump in. I want to post all the details to the shows, probably tomorrow when I can get a chance to type it all up and add links. This will be the last shows of the season, so if you're still hoping to catch me live (instead of mail/internet ordering) -- you'll need to put the finishing touches on your gift list and come to something this week. Cheerio!