Thursday, November 09, 2006


Tossed the rotting pumpkins? Check! Raked the soggy leaves? Check! Packed up all the Halloween decor? Check! Made the soap, packed up the orders, labelled the sprays, stuffed the sachets, worked on so many little tasks -- it was a hugely productive day after all. Oh, the daylight and few sweet hours of sunshine was so nice yesterday, wasn't it dearies? I'm attributing all my success to the rays of sun shining on my head and into my little abode.

I keep thinking that maybe I really need to live in a sunnier climate. But frankly, I'm not really a whole lot merrier or more productive during our long, glorious, sunny summer months (sshhh, don't tell anyone that Seattle has nice weather). It's just the prolonged grey of winter that begins to drag, and a burst of sun puts me right back on track.

So since we're back to the incessantly dripping skies again today, I was doing a little searching for a pair of rain boots. Why does Japan have all the cutest ones?