Saturday, August 19, 2006


The things that make you truly happy aren't things. (or so says a billboard I saw recently . . . from a bank. indeed)

Well, we're still in limbo with the cat. I can't put into words how frustrating it is to go from a good day, to a downer day, to a fabulously hopeful great day, to really scary bad day, back to a good day.

So what else, besides the pet situation, is new? It's clear that the seasons are changing. Which should be very inspiring for me, as I begin to write my fall newsletter. Which neeeds to be done this weekend, pretty much. I can string it along for maybe a day or two into next week, but there are real deadlines here, dude. If only I could string a coherent sentence together.

As I've been bustling around the yard, tidying up and staring at the sky for long minutes, it appears as if the plants are starting to take notice that the light is fading. The mornings are darker, the evenings earlier. It's been pretty darn chilly overnight, and the windows that have been wide open for months are now being shuttered up when the sun sets. Even the scent in the air is different. It should shape up to be a nice, warm, sunny weekend, full of the final hurrah summer activities before the back-to-school onslaught. But there is no mistaking that our glorious summer is making its way out the door.

Whew! I was able to get a whole paragraph in about the weather. To be honest, I am totally fried. Haven't had enough sleep in days. Schedules all mixed up. Nothing but stress, worry, house cleaning (yes, still) and furiously trying to be productive in the little hours in between all the cat care. So I've been unable to actually write (or type) out anything focused in a few days. I've tried, but really nothing would flow. So this morning I thought to give it one more go, sort of a practice run for getting to work on the other tasks at hand.

I'm re-looking at everything in the house lately too. Do you do that when the seasons change? Start staring at the furniture and the accessories and wanting to re-decorate the whole place? I spent a chunk of time yesterday morning putting away the little beach postcards, seashells, summer doo dahs that were laying around. The fireplace mantel gets updated for each season, and it's too early for the October pumpkin theme. It's even too early for the September sunflower type stuff. But I'm going ahead and starting the transition. Maybe it's a little bare for the moment. But inspiration will strike to fill up the holes. A vase of olive branches. A new string of twinkie lights that are copper colored. Greens and golds rather than blues and whites.

Chugging along.