Saturday, August 05, 2006

Dandelion Fluff

Whoot! Big day Friday in Anacortes. Not an actual record breaker, but up there frolicking in the tree tops. So I'm quite happy, but quite tired. And raced home to spend a few hours making up more stuff to bring for Saturday, which is usually the bigger day. Out of bags, out of sachets, out of about 8 kinds of soap, and the scraps are down to the bottom of the barrel. Ran out of there so fast last night that I didn't get to check with anybody else. I hope everyone else did great too. Money should travel around like weed seeds, floating little bits of fluff up and down the street, depositing prickers on everybody's pant leg.

I'm probably the only nitwit who drives back and forth each day to Anacortes instead of getting a hotel room and just staying up there all weekend. Well, except for the folks who live in that area. It's an hour and a half drive each way. Which is bad, but not that bad. Some people spend that much time in their cars commuting to work every day.

Since I am usually alone, I don't really like staying in hotels. I'd rather spend an hour in the car to get home, to my own kitchen and bed. And the kitty needs me. :) It's a lot more expensive too, which just takes away from your profits and bottom line. Sure gas is more expensive now, but it's still cheaper than all those meals and rooms. But probably most importantly, I never know exactly how much of any item I'm going to sell, and don't have a big enough car to take the whole damn studio over there. So every night I'm packing up re-supplies of something and re-stocking for the following day. Sometimes it's an awful lot. Sometimes I'm up for hours after I get home, tying little ribbons around another bin of lavender soap. Or making some emergency sprays because I didn't get the inventory right. Packing more little sachets up, like last weekend and again last night. So I've convinced myself that the only way to do these big shows is to commute back and forth. I know, it's dumb. Limits me from doing bigger shows, in say Idaho, Arizona or Oregon. If I had a spouse/travel companion and we could take an extra day or two, have a little adventure and fun, maybe I'd re-think this thing. Nah. Doubt it. I'm so stressed out before hand getting ready. And then I'm so exhausted and drained afterwards, that I'm not sure I'd be fit to party. So there it is.

Anyway, today I am racing home after the show ends at 6pm, so I can be back in time to run over to the lake and watch the night-time air show and fireworks display -- new this year at Seafair. They have a concert too, but it's paid admission, and starts too early, and who cares. We can see the combat plane do acrobatics with music and fireworks from almost any hilltop. And an even bigger fireworks show after that. Did I mention that fireworks are one of my most favorite things in life? They are. When I die, I am stipulating that I get blown up in a firework (well my ashes, not my whole lumpy body). I want to explode in a flash of brilliance and beauty and then get scattered in the wind. I'm pretty sure it's done from a ship too. So I don't mind my bits floating away in the ocean. I'll have to check into this. My relatives can then party on the yacht to disco tunes and drink too much. It should be great.