Tuesday, February 07, 2006

When life gives you lemons

Today was “Paint The Bedroom Day!” This is has been on the projects list for years. The color choice was the biggest hurdle, and after the big decision was made, it took yet another year to finally empty the room and get started.

I’m sure some people do it all one day, or maybe just a few hours. Sigh. I moved furniture, cleaned and washed walls the better part of yesterday, and then realized I was out of daylight hours. This morning, after a marathon of errands to buy all the appropriate supplies, I dug in and started patching and spackling. This was supposed to just take an hour or so. But there was a major hole in the lathe and plaster ceiling of the closet, still hanging precariously since we moved in. And then all the little hairline cracks from the last earthquake in the corners to be filled in an smoothed over. Time for all of it to dry, get sanded, re-applied in the ceiling etc., I am again out of time to work on this today. There is business to attend to this week too, it can’t be all fun and games.

Since I need to tackle the big job tomorrow . . . I decided to pick a really fun business chore to fill in the afternoon – Lemon Sugar Body Scrub! This is one of my new Spring Seasonal products, and I’m so excited to try it out. I’ve made a few experimental batches, tried a couple of different jars, and now the little pile of supplies is just waiting in a corner for the big production day. What better way to spend an afternoon?

It’s like frosting! So much fun to dig in your hands, and swirl and knead the ingredients. Fill up the little jars and wipe them clean. The entire kitchen smells like fresh-squeezed lemonade, all sugary and tart and fresh and juicy. Gah! I’m hungry, thirsty and desperate to hit the shower all at once.