Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Gal vs Machine

My computer is keeeeling me. Dead.

Over the long weekend, I upgraded my system software and apparently nobody was happy. My computer and printer had a tiff and wouldn’t speak to each other. My photo program went on strike and walked out. And my email program had a complete hissy fit and crashed on every single message that arrived in my inbox. Oh joy.

Countless hours searching online help. More on the phone talking to “experts.” De-installing the upgrade. Finding out it wasn’t the upgrade at all, but three totally unconnected problems that just happened to show up all on the same couple of days. Another half a day re-installing the upgrades, downloading printer drivers, other software upgrades to all the programs, transferring the entire mail program . . . and now we are back in business, minus a few chunks of hair on my head and a half a bottle of aspirin. This technology stuff is supposed to help us save time and achieve greater efficiency and success? Really?

The orchids were my moment of Zen, where I walk away from the machine and remember that there is life outside of my office and yes, this too shall pass.