Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hiya Cupcake!

Ooooh, aaaaaah, I have such a love for a gorgeous cupcake. A tall chapeau of rich buttercream. A moist, delectable crumb. Heaven.

Last year at some point, I was looking for new ideas on flavor oils for the lip balms, and ran across a “buttercream” flavor. I decided to get a small sample, and see if it tasted anything close to the real thing. So often they taste like chemicals or are unsweetened and harsh, or just generally suck. I had actually forgotten about it in the holiday rush, and today when I was making up batches of lip balms for next week’s show, I uncovered the bottle. A little dip of my finger and sweet deliciousness. So I decided on the spur of the moment to make a batch with the new buttercream flavor oil. And in a snap moment of clarity the name “Cupcake” slammed me in the head. How perfect!

I wish I could say it turned out to be the spitting replica of eating a yummy vanilla cupcake. My nose died somewhere around the 5th hour into this whole process. Wha?? you say?? Yargh. It’s true. When working around this much scent on a daily basis, my nose just gets overloaded. Or my brain cannot process any more scent and I just lose my sense of smell. It takes a while for the kitchen to clear out. Or I spend a chunk of time outdoors, and it does eventually come back. Although I don’t think I’ll ever quite be the same :(

Anyhoo, I gave it a little lick test when it was done. But since 85% of your sense of taste is actually triggered by smell, I couldn’t get much. It’s sweet, and it tastes darn nice. But I’ll have to give it the definitive test in a few days and hope that this new “Cupcake Lip Balm” is the bomb. I’m adding it to the web site anyway, cuz I’ve got a little mountain of them. And they will be at the Lord Hill show next week. Check back in a few days and I’ll have all the deets.