Friday, February 10, 2006

Fresh Coat of Paint

The painting of the bedroom is finished, everything is returned to its proper place, and there is a whole new level of clean and freshness to the room that sparkles and glows. This room is a sanctuary – with wide open walls to project my dreams on, like a slide show, as I lay down and unwind from the day. Great ideas are born in this room. A little table top with flowers, tiny treasures, a gorgeous silk scarf, and a small collection of eggs – reminding me of new beginnings is the focal point. I am so very pleased with the way the color turned out -- a soft, dove gray that glows warmly in both sunlight and evening lamp light. I almost can’t leave it. I find myself wandering back into the doorway to just stare and smile, every hour or so. Turning on the closet light to admire the new tidiness. Sitting on the bed and gazing around at the view of each wall. Stroking my hand across the gleaming window sills and the glossy door.

I found this poem long ago, by Helen Keller. In this new room, I feel as if I have unlimited space and beauty in which to dream.

The most beautiful world
is always entered
through your imagination.

If you wish to be something
you are not, you shut your eyes,
and for one dreamy moment
you are that which you long for.

Helen Keller