Monday, January 19, 2015

Thank you Dr. King

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday was actually January 15th, but today is the day we celebrate his legacy as a national holiday. And what an enormous impact his life and his words have had on us. Each time I read another quote by him, I'm blown away by his wisdom and leadership, so much a part of his time and yet way ahead of his time too. We are still in the trenches working on these exact same issues right now. His ideals are every bit as courageous, wise and on point today. He was a giant among men. Thank you Dr. King for standing up. For saying what needed to be said. For doing what was right. 

"I often feel like saying, when I hear the question 'People aren't ready,' that it's like telling a person who is trying to swim, 'Don't jump in that water until you learn how to swim.' When actually you will never learn how to swim until you get in the water.  And I think people have to have an opportunity to develop themselves and govern themselves.
Delivered at Mount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago on Aug. 27, 1967