Saturday, November 01, 2014

Winter Holiday Newsletter 2014

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without further ado . . . .

Dear Friends,

Winter’s soundtrack is quiet and peaceful, the graceful melody of wind through bare branches, the hush of muffled snowfall, the tap-tap pitter-patter of raindrops and melting icicles, the rhythmic crunching of feet in the snow.  If those feet have hooves and there’s a sleigh involved, we’re over the river and through the woods . . . jingle jangle.

This is the season of quiet introspection, reflection on a year well-lived, a deep stillness and peace.  This in-between time, the hibernation and respite, allows the other seasons to be so full.

My own personal song of favorite things still has the whiskers on kittens, warm woolen mittens, snowflakes and sleigh bells, and even the packages tied up with string. But I’d add the inky midnight skies filled with a million stars on a perfect Winter Solstice. The crackling snap and pop of a Yule log on the fire in front of a cozy hearth. Long walks in the stillness of the evergreen forest. And the warm, soft, comfort of my favorite flannel jammies to tuck into bed at night.

Winter Holiday Seasonal Soaps

Some of my very favorite things inspired the new wintry wonderful soap scents  -- for a little fun in the shower, or a treat for that special someone (or all your somebodies).  Note: some of the autumn seasonal scents are available a bit longer, plus our full list of soaps and goodies are available online at all hours. ($4.25 each or 4 bars for $16.00) 

Winter Solstice  – The perfect winter day is spent outside in a snowy Northwest forest – skiing, hiking, or searching for that magical Christmas tree. Fresh juniper, blue spruce, fir needles, cedar tips and a hint of icy birch blend together for a snowy forest scent that is naturally heavenly. Crisp and sparkling, this is a beautiful olive green bar. (100% natural soap)

Woodsmoke  - There is nothing more satisfying on a cold winter day, than warming your frosty fingers and toasting your toes in front of a crackling fire. I know what you’re thinking – soap that smells like smoke sounds dirty. It’s actually incredibly clean, like the freshness of a pine-filled woods after a rain – that clean earth smell, a bit of forest and woods, and a hint of warm smoke. Nothing ashy or cigarette smoky about it.  It’s fantastically good  - and the perfect gift for those outdoorsy folks on your list, the ones who want to blend in rather than hike the forest smelling like flowers or baked goods. And even the ones who wish they could get outside more. Because a few moments in the shower with happy memories while you get ready for a bustling day of work might be just the ticket.

Flannel Jammies – The scent of clean, fresh, cotton warm from the dryer, and one of my most-loved comforts of winter – snuggling up in a pair of cozy flannel pajamas.  This soap is ivory white, silky smooth, and a fun little something to tuck into Christmas stockings.

Raindrops on Roses – You can already hear the song, can’t you? Julie Andrews belting out “raindrops on roses and . . . warm woolen mittens.” So corny, but I couldn’t resist the “favorite things” theme. This is the softest red rose scent blended with a clean, fresh rain fragrance, and the result is pretty amazing.  Very pretty, lightly floral, irresistibly girly – and of course it’s pink too.

Ribbon Candy – My grandmother always had a little covered dish of those beautiful ribbon candies on her coffee table when we came to visit.  They were pretty to look at but hard to get one in your mouth, especially when the sugar melted and they glued themselves together into one giant chunk.  But that’s when the fun started.  We could hammer those blobs into shards and try all the different flavors at once. My very favorite was the clove flavor. So this soap is in memory of Gramma.  It’s lots of clove, a little lemon, some orange, and sweet sugar.  And it smells just like the holidays, where all the best memories are made.

Tips for Keeping and Storing Soaps for Holiday Gifts

I probably haven’t shared this for awhile, but there are a couple of things to know about handmade soap and how to store it for future gifting. The bars are constantly “curing” meaning they are continuing to harden and evaporate moisture as they age. This is good, because it means that your bar will last longer if it has aged a bit more. But it also means that the bar may shrink a bit in size.  More importantly, they should never be stored in something that is airtight – like a ziplock plastic bag. If moisture is accumulated in the bag or tight space, it may cause the soap to transform – changing the scent, creating spots, causing any of the fresh ingredients to “turn” or make the oils go rancid. You will notice this as an “off” smell or the bar itself will be oily or oozing. At that point, it’s still usable and not harmful, but it won’t be pleasant smelling either. Since my bars have so many fresh ingredients and extra emollient oils, the best rule of thumb is to give it and use it within a 6-month window. Many will last a year, but to be safe, go fresh. And tuck it into a drawer or linen closet shelf while it waits – that way you get nicely scented linens (or undies!) as a bonus. Nothing too warm, no direct heat or light, just a bit of air and quiet resting time.

New – Sleigh Ride Bath Salts

There is no better time than winter for long, indulgent soaks in a steamy hot bath. How could we resist adding a whimsical and wonderful new scent to our Dead Sea Bath salts? One whiff of this scent and nostalgic scenes of horse-drawn sleighs with children bundled in blankets, jingling through snow covered fields and forests dance through your imagination.  An enchanting blend of green apple, peppermint, clove and orange is crisp, tingly, fresh and yet reminiscent of holiday spices and treats. Pamper someone you love with a little “me” time in long, relaxing, bath that smells divine. And don’t forget to treat yourself too – this uber-busy time of year requires an extra dose of self-care.
 (16 oz bottle - $ 8.00 each)

Give the Gift of Simple Pleasures

It’s the time of year when we’re making our lists and checking them twice. Choosing the perfect gift doesn’t have to be difficult. Even if you’re looking for a treasure that is unique, special, locally made, eco-friendly, useful and use-able too. Soapworks Studio’s small gifts of soap and bath goodies tick every box.  Everything is handmade in small, thoughtful batches, yet reasonably priced.  You’ll find something for everyone on your holiday gift list.

Internet & Mail Ordering (Free Shipping on orders $100 or more!)

With so many demands on your time already, who wants the headaches of traffic messes, crowded malls, and empty shelves once you get there?  Save yourself a heap of aggravation by shopping online at  We’re offering free shipping on orders of $100 or more. We’ll happily send your items directly to family and friends with gift cards too so you don’t need to spend even more time (and moolah) gift wrapping, searching for boxes or waiting in long lines at the post office. Spend more time celebrating and less time fretting - let Soapworks Studio be your go-to for holiday gifts!

Warm wishes for a holiday season filled with revelry and joy – the perfect send-off for a new year of peace on Earth.