Thursday, June 05, 2014

Dad's Day - Keepin' It Clean

Did you know?  A Spokane, Washington woman named Sonora Smart Dodd, one of six children raised by a widower, was the woman who took up the cause of creating an official holiday equivalent to Mother's Day for male parents.  She went to local churches, the YMCA, shopkeepers and government officials to drum up support for her idea.  And eventually she was successful.  Washington State (our very own Washington State!) celebrated the nation's first statewide Father's Day on July 19, 1910.  Civil war veteran William Jackson Smart must have been a pretty great Dad.  Thanks Smart family!

So we've been honoring, celebrating and pampering our fathers on the second Sunday in June for a while now.  Mom's get their day in May, and it's all wagons of flowers and over-the-top brunches, giant boxes of candy, and sentimental and gooey.  Dad's get their day and we usually just buy them a tie and let them play golf.  Maybe grill steaks later for dinner if it's nice out.  Dad's are easier and usually just want to do their own thing instead of be the star of a big party.  So it makes sense to show them how much we appreciate all they do for us with gifts that make them feel treasured, and might not be something they would already buy for themselves, right?

Keeping clean and smelling good is not only for girls. I'm hear to tell you that there are plenty of men who use, like, even enjoy those "special soaps" in their morning shower. Sometimes they are brave enough to actually approach the booth, sniff up a bunch of stuff and choose their own favorites.  Often though, they will pretend they don't care while in public, non-chalantly whiffing a few bars their wives hold up to their noses.  But once home, they absolutely love lathering up with a really nice bar.  Gals will tell me that their hubbies have taken over all the bars they brought home and they need to get more.

Why not just buy them their own little supply so they can continue sudsing and smelling fine, while keeping that little secret to themselves?  I've got all kinds of soap scents, manly, neutral, spicy, or perhaps, even a bit flowery.  Who says a guy can't like lavender too?

I've even heard about some men who like to take baths! Can you imagine?! If you've got a Dad (or hubbie) like this, you might consider buying a little soap or bath treat for the super hero guy who works so hard and takes care of so much.

I'll help out. Type the word DAD in the message box of one of the items you're buying and when you ring up at the end, you'll see a 20% off discount on your whole order. It's good starting today, but ends midnight Wednesday, June 11. Because Thursday is the last day I can ship something to arrive before the big weekend (if you live semi- close by).  But don't wait that late if you live farther away!  East Coast folks should get their order on now, or they'll be late to the party.

Happy Dads are the best Dads.