Monday, May 20, 2013

Carrot or stick

I'm having a few doubts about the new veggie-based soaps after this past weekend.

I love them.  Like really, really love them.  And I think everyone that uses them will too.  It's not about the soap itself, it's the name.  I spent a lot of time explaining that the Carrot Coconut was named after the ingredients, not the scent.  And people seemed confused by the Rosemary Tomato name too.

Carrots don't smell much, but coconuts are luverly and quite a strong fragrance.  You expect Hawaii with that in the name.  But the Carrot Coconut soap does NOT smell at all like coconut.  It's a gorgeous strong ginger scent with a bit of lemon. Very nice and very popular.  But when people read the name on the soap, they didn't get it right away.  Which makes perfect sense.  In the "why didn't I think of that before?" kind of way.  It should be named 'Carrot Ginger'.  And the creamy goodness of the coconut is just an added bonus in the feel of it.

Some of my regular customers who were looking for the Rosemary Orange soap, didn't quite believe me that the new Rosemary Tomato is the same either.  New customers expected to pick it up and smell spaghetti dinner and were sort of like "huh, what?"  So that didn't go over like I wanted it to either.  It looks almost exactly the same, just a little more orangey-red.  And it smells exactly the same.  But it should feel better, and do nice things for your skin over the use of the bar.  I want people to pick it up, smell it, get it and want to use it right away.  Not muddle over it.

All my other soaps, and probably every body else who has ever made soap, names the soap after what it's supposed to smell like, right?  Unless it's unscented or something. So I'm going to adjust the names a bit for the next couple of shows and see if that fixes the problem.  I'm going to see if 'Rosemary Orange Tomato' and 'Carrot Ginger' works out better. And going forward, I'll change them up on the website too, so that it's all very matchy-matchy.

Today, however, I'm going to just get myself put back together after a long weekend of crowds.