Monday, August 06, 2012

Studio Closed - Summer Break

Popping in for a couple of quick things:

1.  I'm taking a short summer break this week.  The studio will be closed starting today, through Monday, August 13.  Any orders, emails calls, etc. will be dealt with on Tuesday, Aug 14.  Thanks for your understanding.  It's been a long summer and I need to recharge my batteries and enjoy a little of life outside of work.

2.  A ginormous THANK YOU to all my loyal friends and customers in Anacortes this last weekend.  Even though it was hot, hot, you all came out to buy soap and support the artists out there.  I had my best weekend sale ever.  Really.  EVER!  Which is tough to do after 16 years in business and especially in our still crappy economy.  I broke records, and I couldn't be more pleased.  I know it's still tough for a lot of folks to make enough money at the shows.  And I'm incredibly grateful that you continue to buy my products and make the effort to come out to the festival and spend your hard-earned dollars.  Much love to you all!!

Whew.  Whirlwind weekend.  I'm fatigued beyond belief.   And I just have to power through the loose ends today before I get a chance to think about something else while I sit quietly somewhere and just take in the success.  Long summer.  Lots of hard work.  And a little something to show for it.  Feels good.