Friday, August 31, 2012

Puyallup Fair Coming UP!

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I'm participating in the Artists in Action gallery at the Puyallup Fair again this year, like I have the past few years. It's a really big undertaking, but pretty exciting too - and a much needed boost for me in September. We are located in the Artists in Action space, which is on the ground floor under the Grandstand. We have a little handcrafted artisan boutique -- a mix of pottery, fiber arts, painting, basketry, jewelry, clothing and a bunch of other stuff, which is my category - the "other stuff" part.

New at my display this year: single bars in the polka dot gift bags, some gift sets in little metal baskets that look like houses (super cute), singles of the lip balms in the new tins, and the fall soaps scents.

I wanted to post the details early this time around, in case anyone's headed over there in the next two weeks. It's the biggest thing that happens all year for some folks, even if they are just going one night for an onion burger and a concert. Lots of great entertainment in the line up.

Puyallup Fair

The Fair is open September 7th through the 23rd. Sunday through Thursday 10am-10pm. Fridays and Saturdays 10am -11pm.  Opening day (next Friday, 9/7) opens at 9am, and it's free admission between 9am and noon only if you bring a food donation.  More details on the site under "deals and discounts".  Otherwise admission for adults is $12.50, kids and seniors $ 9.00, but kids under 5 are free.

The "Artists in Action" area, is in the Merchants Building -- the lower level of the Grandstand, at the west end, next to the Fisher Scone windows. It's a boutique style craft show, with lots of pottery and fiber arts, demos every day with artists demonstrating their techniques and craft. It's a central cashier style thing, with all of us artists milling around the floor, meeting and greeting our guests. Don't mind the elephant ear crumbs on our shirts, we can't help ourselves.

There are close to 70 artists in our show, doing fiber stuff, pottery, wood work, metal work, jewelry, clothing, hand-painted all kinds of things. Some new artists and new stuff. We've mixed it up and changed around the booths a little bit. We're still doing demos all day of how we make our wares. I'm working a bunch of little small shifts in the mornings (til about 2pm) so I'll be in and out.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!  I'll be working - so much to do to get ready before we set up early next week.   This is going to be big y'all!