Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Life's A Beach

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I'm back from vacation and the studio is open again.  It's back to work and business as usual.  It's going to be full steam ahead from now until the end of the year I guess.  Things get busy now, gearing up for the Puyallup Fair.  And then they get busier as we head into fall.  And busier yet as it turns towards the holidays and winter.

Hard to wrap my head around all that at the moment.  But the gears are turning.  All the new fall products need to be introduced in just a few weeks, and the fall newsletter will be going out at beginning of the month.    I'm working on lots of little things, making plans and pushing forward.

It was good to get a little time away.  But you know how you always need a bit of a vacation after you've just gotten home from vacation?  I'm still catching up this morning. And probably the rest of the week will be like that too . . .