Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blooming Tulips - New Products

New product announcement - Blooming Tulips soap!

I created this soap just for the Tulip Festival that we celebrate here in the Skagit Valley during the month of April.  It was a HUGE hit at the street fair last weekend and I'll have it available on the website for just a bit longer while the festival continues and I still have a few bars left in stock.
So you think tulips don't have a fragrance?  Well, it's subtle, that's true.  But when you're out in the fields you can't help but sniff all the fresh green of the leaves mixed with the light foral scent of the petals.  This soap is absolutely true - a very "green" leafy scent, fresh and clean, with a very pretty floral note at the end.  It's totally delightful and has been a huge hit with tulip fans.

Pair it with our matching "Blooming Tulips" bath salt for the perfect spring gift!