Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tulip Festival and watering cans

This weekend is the Mt Vernon Street Fair - part of the bigger Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley. And it looks like it might be our 3rd dry and partly sunny weekend up here in a row. Good times. That second link will get you to the Tulip Festival page with maps of the fields, other events, all the happenings for the whole month.

Friday through Sunday, Apr 20 - 22
Fri and Sat 10am - 6pm, Sun 10am - 5pm

Located up and down the main street in downtown Mt Vernon, starting at the bridge and heading south. (Still don't have a map yet, argh)

Soapworks Studio booth - space #21 (new booth numbers this year) but same spot as last couple of years. I'm in the very north block of the festival, sort of kitty-corner from the main front door of the co-op. I'm in the southwest corner of that little quad of booths, with a Tulip Festival info booth right next door to me on the north side. There's a new acoustic entertainment stage on our corner this year too.

I've got a brand new tulip scented soap which is gorgeous - really green and fresh, actually smells like tulips! Can't wait to see how you like this scent. If I can squeeze it in I might try to make a few small size bath salts in the same scent - and take a few of those to the Berry Barn show for the last couple of weeks over there too while the Tulip Festival continues. The tulip blooms are just opening up, daffodils are done, but it's all in full swing.

More good news - the watering cans that I make little gift sets with finally arrived just today! Hurray! They've been on back-order for a while. But now I'll have those at the show to make sets out of too. And I've put the Gardener's Gift Set back on the web site for ordering again, now that I have the containers back in stock.

Here's what they look like - and as always, you can stuff them full of whatever products you like. The watering can by itself is $6.00 - and then you add in your choice of goodies.

Hope to see you this weekend!