Thursday, June 02, 2011

Latest Logo

This is my latest logo-type thingie. I had to mess around with making a little square digital image for a few things in the last month, and this is what I came up with.

I'm working on getting new business cards printed with it too. A little different version because it's a smaller rectangle size. If you've seen my business card from the last year or so, they've been chocolate brown with bright flowers all over it. But I'm running out of those soon and needed new ones. I thought I'd go with something a little fresher and lighter this year.

I spent a whole morning working on it, but it's so hard to see the little tiny image on your computer screen. It's not until they arrive in the mail, all printed up, that you finally get a sense of whether it worked out or not. When I hit "submit order" I was kind of happy with it. Now that I'm looking at it more, I'm thinking it's a little boring. It will be at least another week before they get here. I suppose I'll fret about it some more until then - because you just can't get enough fretting into a regular day.