Monday, January 03, 2011

Back to work

Awwww, the holidays are truly over. It's Monday and it's back to work. Really back to work. Not half days or short weeks, but full on working again.

Today is office clean-up and inventory. The painful day where I have to clean up every corner of the studio and count every single piece of inventory and supplies for the once-a-year inventory. As a business, it's required by the IRS. Love those guys. It all has to be counted and then valued, meaning not only do I need to know how many of everything there is. I need to have a list of what each item is valued at (wholesale) or what the price was when I bought it. So that I come up with a full spreadsheet of exactly how many dollars and cents worth of stuff I have in here at this very moment. It is one of my least favorite tasks of all time.

But the good news is that when I get this part done, I'll be putting up all the leftover holiday items on the clearance page at a fabulous sale price. I'll post it here when that's ready, and I'll also send out an announcement to the email subscriber list. Which reminds me, I'm planning on doing a lot more special deals and sales on the email list this year. Really. Lots. It's so much easier to contact you all by email than waiting for the seasonal snail mail letter. And the blog is a little hit and miss - you never know who might be checking in this week or not. So if you want to get on the email list, sign up HERE and go down to "Email" or "Give me Both" in the drop down box.

Oh, you might have noticed that I changed the blog style too. I'm not fully convinced this is the one - but it's the one for now. I really needed some bright color and happy flowers to start off the new year. Let me know if you love it or hate it. I was playing around yesterday with other designs too and there are so many different ways to go I got a little overwhelmed. The poppies are happy and I just let it go at that for now. Too much?