Tuesday, April 07, 2009

This week: Echo Falls

Spring has busted out all over! Those few days of warm weather and all the leaves and flowers have popped open.

I was so sad to miss the gorgeous weekend, when everyone was gardening and enjoying the sunshine. Instead, we braved the basement (ok, lower level with no windows) of the Exhibition Hall at Seattle Center for the Best of the Northwest show. It was lonely. Just too nice outside.

This week is the Echo Falls show:

Starving Housewives at Echo Falls Country Club
20414 - 121st Ave SE
Snohomish, WA (Maltby)

Dates: Tuesday through Saturday, April 7 - 11
Times: Tues-Fri 10am-8pm, Sat 10am-6pm

This is a boutique style show with a central cashier. Wonderful handcrafts and charming antiques. Look for one-of-a-kind spring, garden, home accents and gifts! New longer hours on Saturday. Stop by the Greenside Grill - open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Link: Starving Housewives

I've been rushing from one show to the next for days on end. Yesterday we set up the Starving Housewives show, and today I am FINALLY! getting a chance to hang outside for a little bit. Just a couple of quick hours to do some digging in the dirt and move some plants around. My great big spanish lavender plants along the front walk all kicked the dust during the deep freeze. And my two big rosemary's too. I can't believe it - one of them was really big and quite old. Somehow, the little tiny new one survived, but the established ones did not brave the crazy winter.

This morning was digging out the dead stuff, rearranging some of the roses and peonies into better spots. And planning out new areas for veggies in another few weeks when it gets warmer.

It feels like the flipping of the calendar page to April was the turning point. Activity and new life just jumped out of the closet and yelled "boo!" as if they had been there all along, just playing a game of hide and seek with us. It's a real kick in the pants, and now everything is in full swing - shows, orders, the summer announcements just a few weeks away. I'm still getting the last bits of my studio back into working order too. Whooooosh and we're off to the races after a long winter's nap.