Monday, January 14, 2008

Feed the birds

Yesterday. One afternoon of glorious sunshine. And it was really beautiful, don't get me wrong. But after all these days of dark grey skies, the sunshine illuminated a whole lot of dirt in the house that I hadn't really noticed before. Dust and cobwebs, filthy windows, it was horrifying. I had to spend the day cleaning.

My neighbor was shouting about how it was the best snowboarding day of the year, but I was outdoors washing my windows from the outside. It really made such a difference, so much brighter and lighter in here. Not that you'd know that today - its' grey, cold and raining again, sigh.

I think that's why everyone gets in the mood to do some spring cleaning. A few sunny days and you realize that you've been living in dust bunny heaven and have to do something about it. It's obviously a little early for all that yet, but our one big day of sunshine certainly reminded me that spring is truly right around the corner.

Little tops of bulbs are poking up in my garden everywhere. And the bushes are budding out little pink pokey things. I can't wait to see green and life again. Birds too. There are a few that show up for little bits of time when the rains stops for a minute. But I miss all the squawking and carrying on that spring brings.

What I love this week: lemon and citrus everything - I can't get enough lemon (scurvy?), the new FRS health supplements that just arrived, hanging out in front of the heater vents with the cats, the colors pink and orange, flannel sheets (light blue, with polka dots!) and filing. You? what's up, yo?