Monday, January 23, 2006

Mommy, some day I want to be a blogger

Happy New Year 2006! Last year had it’s fine moments, but was certainly filled with tragedy, and I am quite glad to be rid of it. Cheers to starting anew!

One of the things that really sparks me, is the chance to start over. Every day of every week of every year, we have the opportunity to toss out whatever isn’t working, and start over brand new. It is only ourselves that holds us back. We could toss out the whole lot if we wanted to – the entire closet, the household, dump my business, sell the whole thing, pack up the car and drive to the other side of the country or fly to a new world and begin again, doing something radically different and completely new. But we are comfortable with our routines and daily grind. So we take smaller bites. We start a diet. We resolve to be more organized. Mostly trivial stuff. This year I wanted to start a blog.

I’m still working out why, and will discuss that soon, but for now, I am just starting it. I am usually a perfectionist, and want it all to be pretty and perfect before I present it to the world. But today, I am just jumping in, all awkward and uncoordinated. I have never blogged before. I have never journalled before. I’ve never even written a “dear diary” entry before. But I’ve felt increasingly compelled to share my thoughts with the world at large. Or at least put them out there somewhere, even if nobody else reads it or cares. Something will grow from this – I can feel it – and I am excited to start the journey.

So today I have entered my account information. And taken the first step. It’s tiny, but it’s action. And action begets more action. And that’s how motivation it started, and from where all great things come from. I highly recommend it. If you’ve got some huge looming idea or project or resolution – don’t procrastinate (my favorite hobby). Just take one teeny, tiny, little step. Even if it’s just opening the phone book and looking up a number. Then tomorrow, do one teeny thing more. And before you know it, you are well on your way to actually accomplishing something.

This sounds dumb, I know. But I am the world’s best list maker, paper shuffler and procrastinator. And everything I’ve ever accomplished, has been from forcing myself to do things one little step at a time, not just endlessly planning them. Jumping in, without knowing all the answers, or having the right outfit, or knowing where I’m going. It all becomes clear as you go along. Sometimes the clarity is just realizing that you don’t want to do it at all anymore. And that’s quite fine too.

So here I am. And the journey begins. So many things to talk about. Where should I start tomorrow?