Monday, January 30, 2006

Kaleidoscope eyes

The endless rain in Seattle is a real downer. It’s been a solid month of heavy, gray skies, constant record-breaking rain, and dreariness.

I spent the weekend immersing myself in the cheery shop windows downtown, filled with Spring fashion, happy colors, flowers, hearts and promises that the weather will indeed change. And spent some time at the Gift Show too, drinking in all the creativity and beauty on display, sparking some fun new ideas -- for the business and just for general amusement. I love to check out the “competition”, but it’s a great way to spot trends, find new and unique packaging, and compare prices on supplies. It’s always useful and a fun way to start out the year.

So many colors and pictures swirling through my head last night, I could hardly sleep. Ribbons and tags. Displays and lights. Scents, fragrances, scrubs, lotions, fizzies. Cupcakes, wall paper patterns, travel postcards, fabric swatches, flower arrangements – all chasing each other in circles, like a kaleidoscope. And today, I am weary and excited. Writing out notes, making sketches, tap tap tapping the calculator – trying to make the puzzle pieces fit together.

Do all artists struggle with balancing imagination with the limitations of structural components and business requirements?