Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Back into the oven

I’ve spent countless hours the last couple of days in front of my computer screen, searching for packaging ideas and comparing prices. I’ve had a few projects on the back burner that I’d like to try, but they need to be fitted into cool little bottles and jars. This exercise often cooks up new ideas for all kinds of things, but it’s also tedious and time-consuming. And my back side is a little numb and the eyes are strained. The challenge is to find something new, different and unique, that still has a reasonable price tag. Because people buy with their eyes and noses, but we all still have budget challenges.

The next step is actually ordering samples of the items I like, getting them into the studio and playing around with them. Do they show up on the doorstop looking just like their pictures? Or are they cheap imitations? And then the product gets put in, and messed around with to make sure the caps fit, leaks don’t happen, sprayers actually spray, everything stays in one piece when jiggled around. Sort of giving it the once over.

Finally, I cook up labels that might work. So the process takes some time, but it’s fun and play, and sometimes leads to things I hadn’t intended in the first place.

And just about when I get it all worked out and am ready to go into full production – the price suddenly doubles, the distributor stops carrying it, or the manufacturer stops making it. Such is life.

Anyway, today I still haven’t found quite what I’m looking for. I’m off to the Gift Show later this week for more ideas, and maybe a little more brainstorming. The pieces aren’t quite coming together yet on these two particular pet projects. So back into the oven for a little more baking . . .