Monday, December 29, 2014

Wrapping Up

I'm putting the finishing touches on 2014 and relieved that we are heading into a new year and a fresh start. The past couple of months has been a bit more intense than usual for this time of year, and I'm relieved that it's winding down.

I have literally PILES of lists and notes and project sketched out for 2015. And I'm itching to get started on all those new ideas. Life is all about evolving and growing and trying new things.

Reflecting on this past year is mostly positive, and yet there is quite a lot I want to do better and differently and more efficiently.  Switch tacks and sail off on a slightly different course.  Oh, I don't mean that to sound scary!  I'm NOT jumping ship and dumping the soap business.  Just wanting so badly to have a beautiful new web site, better systems in place so I'm not rushing around so much.  Little things like that.

And of course I'm creating new soap scents and flavors galore, lots of different packaging ideas, and wanting to try some new shows to change things up.

I've got a bunch of new personal goals and projects too that I want to start as soon as possible. I don't want to lose the momentum that I've already got going by taking January off to sit on my tush and just think about stuff.  I'm raring to go.

I also want to say a ginormous THANK YOU to all my loyal customers, followers and fans for all your support this past year.  It's been a lovely party and I'm so looking forward to a future together in this coming year.

Wishing you much joy, happiness, love, success and "clean living" in 2015!!