Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Don't be penny wise this winter

Why should I spend $4.50 for a bar of your soap when the supermarket brands are so much cheaper?

We're all in shopping mode now and the gift lists just keep getting longer and longer. Hostess gifts, co-worker gifts, Secret Santas and on and on.

And we've all got a limited budget too. Plus there's extra groceries, party outfits to buy, cocktails and dinners out. We need to pinch pennies whenever we can, right? So you might be thinking, "hmmm, wonder if I can just get that cheap soap at blankety-blank box store instead?"

You've heard the phrase "penny wise and pound foolish?" Fits like a glove.

For starters, a bar of Soapworks Studio soap will last at least twice as long as a bar of supermarket soap, usually outlasting that stuff by three times or more.  And then you factor in a whole bunch of extra body lotions and creams you need to buy to counteract all that dryness and/or itchiness.  Or doctor’s appointments because you’ve developed skin issues like dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis - many of which have been caused by harsh soaps, or cruel laundry detergents and dryer sheets. So you spend a few cents more up front on a bar of really good soap, but you feel great, your skin is healthy and you’ve saved a ton of money on long term effects down the road.  What’s the better deal? 

Even more so if it's a gift. Anyone can get cheap, itchy soap for themselves. But a lovely, creamy, unique smelling bar of the good stuff?  That's a present that will be treasured.