Monday, September 29, 2014

Salmon Days is here!

Groovin' since 1970!

Yeah, Baby! The salmon are on their way!  For 45 consecutive years, we've been celebrating the return of the salmon that come to Issaquah's downtown hatchery to "shag".  

What started as a small town celebration has morphed into an internationally recognized and award winning Festival that regularly draws an estimated 150,000 people.  With over 500 vendors, 60 food booths, and multiple entertainment stages, Issaquah Salmon Days is now a staple event in the Puget Sound.

The coolest part? The Snoqualmie Tribe is the new Title Spawnsor of Salmon Days.  The Snoqualmie People have a longstanding tradition and culture of protecting and celebrating the salmon and are an integral part of our community.  Their support of Salmon Days is truly an honor and will help ensure the tradition of welcoming home the salmon will continue for many more generations.  

This is my last big outdoor event of the year and it's always a blast - even if the weather is drippy.  My booth location is #318 - a corner spot on Sunset Way, just at the entrance to the hatchery itself. I'm hoping for sunshine and warm weather . . . but I'm just excited to be there no matter what.

Dates:  Sat & Sun, October 4 & 5, 10am-6pm both days