Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blogging. Since the year Twitter was born.

I've been trying to write a few blog posts today. I'm a little behind on getting the first drafts done. So I am feeling pressured to do it quickly. Which doesn't always make the best conditions for writing.

Anyway, it's felt like a struggle. And the end result at the moment is not good. They are ramble-y and not entertaining even if the facts are basically right.

I had an a-ha moment late in the afternoon that maybe I'd covered these topics before and would have something to sort of pull from.  No, not copy. But get inspired and at least check to make sure I wasn't saying all the same things again.

What I realized is that I have been blogging since January of 2006. That is a long time. Mostly just blogging to myself, and sometimes my Mom checks in. Possibly a few other peeps from time to time.

2006 was the year Twitter was born. And the Winter Olympics were held in Turin, Italy.  Anybody even remember that?  I wrote more prolifically that year than any other. I suppose it was practice. And lack of focus.

What does this all mean? Nothing. I'm totally brain fried. My writing today is sucky. And after this many years doing it, I feel like I should be better at it. And I don't even know if anybody is reading along.

So I'll just finish this up with...nothing. That's it.