Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Panic at the Post

Yesterday was the most panicked day of packing orders yet.  I thought last Monday was bad.  But yesterday by 5 o'clock I thought I was going to have a heart attack.  I worked my butt off from early morning on, and never seemed to have enough time to breathe.

So many packages to go out and boxes not even packed up, labels not printed - I was buzzing around here in such a state that I'm worried sick I screwed something up.  And the people who I was sending orders to are some of the loveliest customers on earth.  They all deserve the very best service and I'll be heart-broken if somebody got the wrong thing, not enough things, the box arrives a jumble, or what-not.

I did actually have to call my roommate at the final minutes to help me stuff boxes and work the tape gun, etc.  It was a mess here, like a tornado had gone through the studio, and then after that a bomb went off.  I can't believe I actually got the boxes through the Post Office doors at the 5:30 bell when they lock up.   I was driving like a maniac - but still had to stop for every single red light between here and there.

And then raced over to UPS with the other most hugest order, to wait in line for half an hour because everyone there is pretty much new to that place, didn't know how the counter works, and had a problem with their package.   People were all stressing out - the package was supposed to be delivered somewhere else, some other time, or at the store for pick up instead of on the truck . . . something and everything.  And the lady behind me was somebody's very lovely mom who was bringing her son's business packages over to be shipped and had never done it before, didn't have his UPS account number, etc.  I'm sure they sorted it out at the desk, but there was a lot of that kind of thing - wrangling out all the details and a high-level of frustration and panic in the room.  Normally I just breeze in and out in a few minutes with a bit of friendly chatter with one of my usual guys.  But yesterday . . . whoa.

Today there is more.  But not quite the same level.  Manageable.  It has to slow down any day now, right?  Please say yes.  I'm still not ready for my own Christmas yet.

Oh, and I'm back up to Bellingham tomorrow.  I'm actually not bringing up much more stock.  But a little bit.  A few more things to finish up the week.  If you need to shop for Soapworks products, there's probably more there in my display at the show than there is left here at the studio.  

Three cheers to holiday spirits.  The drinking kind.