Tuesday, October 09, 2012

October updates

I know it's been awhile since I've posted much, but it's been a little off-kilter over here.

My cat went missing a couple of weeks ago.  We were playing in the sunshine on the patio in the afternoon, and I had to head down to the studio to get a little work done.  An hour later when I came back, she wasn't around.  But a few hours later, and still no Dora?  We got worried.  When we called for hours and she didn't come home all night, we were in high panic, never slept a wink.  Days followed.  Searching and combing the neighborhood for miles every evening and morning.  We did the fliers, the neighborhood lists, the calling of vets and shelters.  Hired a pet psychic.  It was 11 days and our life was a mess.  We hadn't hardly slept, eaten, cleaned, done anything normal.  Suddenly she's home.

I have no earthly idea why the most loved, most pampered, little home-body, super bonded and attached kitty would just "poof" and take so long to find her way back.  But we are breathing again.  It is definitely the roughest, scariest time I've gone through that I can ever remember.

In the meantime, I had a colonoscopy.  Gross.  One of those "maintenance" things they make you do in the name of health or something.  I'm normal and healthy by the way.  But again, gross.

I also had Salmon Days during that time.  Trying to prepare for one of my bigger shows during all that crisis was a nightmare.  And then being out all day trying to smile and sell soap was not easy.  But with the perfect weather and ginormous crowds, it was a record breaker for sales.  I'm wiped out.  In just about every way.

So you might have noticed that the Pumpkin and Cranberry soaps are off the site.  I've got batches that just came out, so there's about a 2-week wait until they will be back up.  I'm pretty low in inventory in just about everything else, between Puyallup, the fall newsletter and now Salmon Days all in a month's time, it's been more than I can keep up with.  Which is nerve-wracking because I'm just heading into my 2 busiest months.  I'm cranking out the soap as fast as I can.  And we'll keep fingers crossed that I can hold it all together.

I did have to cancel being in the Starving Housewives show this week.  I would be setting up today, and I have got just about nothing left from the weekend, and no time to prepare.  I just need a week to get back up to speed and ready for Vasa Park next week.  So sorry if you are looking for me there.  I hate having to cancel, truly, but there is only so much I can do here.

I think that covers the latest news bits.   I'm back in the studio working full-time with great focus, so if you need anything, just holler.