Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gig Harbor Art Festival

Whenever anybody not from around here asks me where I'm from, and then finds out I'm from Seattle - they almost always ask (with incredulity) "why would you want to live there?  doesn't it rain there all the time?"

No it doesn't rain here all. the. time.  But of course you do have to make peace with a lot of rain in the fall and winter.  And now in the spring too.  But those of us in-the-know smile indulgently, keeping our little secret that we have the very best summers of anywhere else in the country.

Turns out, that's not true any more.  While everywhere else is getting hotter and hotter, drier and drier, summer is something we don't get any more.  Last year the big thing was we had only 78 minutes of summer.  That was a total of minutes that our temperature got over 80 degrees, over the course of the whole freaking season!

This year, we've only had 50 minutes so far.  And nights often drop below 60 degrees.  Even this month - July!!!!

So here I am in the midst of my big summer festival season, and I'm wearing sweaters for all of it.  Socks too.

This weekend is the Gig Harbor festival.  In years past I remember it being ridiculously hot (well for us.  90's is hawt!).  This particular weekend often was the big heat wave.  But this time we'll have clouds and cool mornings.  Possibly sun breaks on Sat afternoon.  Possibly showers on Sunday. Last year it poured rain both days, so this is an improvement.  Yikes.

Gig Harbor is charming.  The views are lovely.  The festival is great fun.  Come on out anyway.  Even in your sweaters or rain jacket.

Show is Sat and Sun, July 21 and 22.  Hours are 10am to 5pm both days.  It's located on Judson in Gig Harbor's historic waterfront district.  My booth is at the far north end of the street - on the right side as you are heading up that direction.  I'll have all my summer goods.

And one reminder:  I will NOT be at Bellevue next week.  The first time in years.   So this is it until Anacortes the first weekend of August.

Get your summer groove on, people!