Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What did you do today?

If you've been reading along, you already know I'm a procrastinator.  I need the urgency of a deadline to really get going.  But my job here requires constant moving it forward.  Not lolly-gagging and then all-nighters, but batches of stuff day after day, every day.  So I'm constantly struggling with myself to keep on truckin'.

There are totally days when I have so darn much on my to-do list that I just crumble and end up spending way too much time on the internets surfing nonsense.  Or take a nap instead.

I think the mentally healthy route would be to decide to take an hour or two, or half a day, or even the whole day if that's what required - and do the exact thing that my heart desired to be doing right then.  Just get out of the office and check off an item or two of pure fun.  Then come back to work and dedicate myself to being productive for the day.  I might really get a lot more done that way.

Because mind-numbing hours doing nothing fun and nothing you're supposed to do is just an obnoxious waste of time.    Except when you really truly do need a nap.

I tried this new theory today.  I was working really good up until lunch - got a lot done.  Then the take-away Chinese food took me down.  I napped.  I got up and wasted another hour (or two).  But I was able to finish up the afternoon with another boost and finished my list.  For today.

It's going to be a full summer of shows.   I've got to keep the ball rolling.  Let's see how much ground I can cover tomorrow.  Hope floats.