Saturday, May 05, 2012


This is a good one to keep close.  Every time I read someone else's gorgeous blog about their fabulous life; every time I see a website for another soap maker with really really pretty stuff; every time I peek around the corner at a show to see how super busy another booth is; and a million other instances where I look across the fence and start to think maybe the grass is greener - I try to remember this.

And honestly?  you really can never judge what's going on anywhere else in comparison to what's going on in your own little space.  There are so many related and unrelated factors, so many steps in the journey, that you just cannot make comparisons.  Even when you think it looks like apples to apples - it's probably more like pears to fuzzy slippers.

Just be happy in your own place at your own pace.  Because that's all that matters.