Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snow Day

Wow, for the folks in the Northeast it really IS a snow day. But it's a snow day here in the studio today too. It's a blizzard of bath salt making for next week's shows.

I had no idea that peppermint would be so intoxicating. There's only a little bit of it in the scent blend, but with all the mixing and stirring and whirling and filling, the studio is filled with peppermint fumes. Boy are my sinuses clear. My head feels almost mint-a-holic, even with the window open.

But all in all, I really like how the scent turned out. There's vanilla sugar, a pinch of spice, a little orange zest too. It's the perfect cool, fresh, tingly mix with yummy warm good stuff in it too. Exactly what a snow day is all about.

And the packaging is adorable too. I've wanted to use these small French square jars forever. With a little tiny square label and a bit of red-striped bakery twine - so cute. I hope it's going to be a big hit for stocking stuffers, little office gifts, or added to goodie baskets. I can't wait to see how they do next week. Which reminds me, I'll have to post my show schedule here tomorrow to that you all can find them out there in the craft show world.

These little Snow Day bath crystals will be announced Nov 1st and on the web site for purchase on Tuesday - this is just a sneak peek. Cuz I'm mintified.